Gabe Kaminsky, a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and Young America’s Foundation’s National Journalism Center, was honored with the inaugural NJC Prize for Excellence in Investigative Journalism during the National Conservative Student Conference last month.

For more than 45 years, the National Journalism Center has trained aspiring journalists in the values of responsible, balanced, and accurate reporting.

As bad as the media is, there is no question that without our alumni–from one of the most-watched journalists in the world, Greg Gutfeld, to author Timothy P. Carney–the public would miss so much critical information,” NJC Director Emily Jashinsky said during the evening’s introduction.

Kaminsky was placed at the Federalist during the spring of 2021, where he wrote nearly 200 articles throughout his 12-week internship. 

“Gabe easily became one of NJC’s most prolific students of all time,” Jashinsky remarked.

“He did early and extensive original journalism on the controversies brewing in Loudoun County,” she added.

Following Kaminsky’s placement at the Federalist, he took a role at the Daily Wire while finishing up his bachelor’s degree. There, he exposed the enormous amount of speaking fees that universities were paying Ibram X. Kendi, the proliferation of critical race theory, and much more.

After graduating this past May, Kaminsky joined the Daily Caller News Foundation as an investigative reporter, where he has already written well over 100 articles.

“Gabe is a model for NJC’s future truth-seeking journalists. His dedication to the truth above narrative and original investigative journalism places him among a distinguished group of NJC graduates committed to doing the hard work of serious investigative journalism, and exposing the powerful people our media too often protects–even the people at the once prestigious Pulitzer Prize. We need an army of journalists like Gabe and we will strive to train them. On that note, we’d like to congratulate you, Gabe, for earning the 2022 NJC Prize,” Jashinsky concluded.