New YAF Booklet Puts Intellectual Ammunition to Fight for Free Speech in Your Pocket

Young America’s Foundation leads the Conservative Youth Movement in equipping students with the resources they need to fight for free speech on campus.

Now YAF is adding another resource to the conservative students activist’s toolkit– our concise yet substantive pamphlet, “How Universities Violate Your Free Speech: And How to Fight Back,” offered to students totally free of charge.

The pamphlet, which is small enough to fit in your pocket, presents students with a clear breakdown of their First Amendment rights on public and private campuses and outlines concrete strategies they can use to protect and preserve those rights.

In the pamphlet, Jordan Lorence, senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom, enumerates the four major policies universities use to violate free speech, taking on speech zones, student fees, nondiscrimination policies and more.

The pamphlet also includes seven steps students can take if their rights are violated as well as a list of powerful quotes from notable liberals who support free speech.

Any student who takes the time to read the full 25-page pamphlet is bound to have a clear and complete understanding of their rights and how to defend them.

Universities violate students’ speech rights every single day in this country. Equipping thousands of America’s young people with this powerful pocket-sized publication ensures conservative student activists have the intellectual ammunition they need to take back their campuses.

Students, order your FREE booklet HERE. And once you’re finished reading it, give it to all of your friends!

This pamphlet joins YAF’s toolkit of popular resources including our Free Speech Box, which Lifezette called its “favorite tool” to “fight the Left on campus.”