GroupFox today posted a lead story on Young America’s Foundation’s Reagan Ranch High School Conference which begins this week and touches on the pending release of the 2009-2010 top conservative schools which will be released shortly at

In part, the article reports:

…YAF’s three-day event, which starts Thursday, is the latest push to try to guide a revival of conservative student activism in the “era of Obama.” The conference is billed as a place where high school students who caught the conservative bug can converge to get inspired, get organized and get active. 

“Conservatives are kind of the new counterculture of today,” Coyle said. 

Students at the Reagan Ranch High School Conference plan to listen to a string of professors from conservative campuses, as well as semi-celebrities like President Reagan’s son Michael and Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher. Coyle said the goal is to teach the students about conservatism but also give them tips on how to organize in high school and later on in college.

Read the rest of the story here and come back soon for the release of our annual top conservative schools list for 2009-2010.

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