University of California - BerkeleyThe Phillips Foundation announced the winners of $131,000 in merit-based scholarships for the 2011-12 academic year under the Ronald Reagan College Leaders Scholarship Program. The program provides renewable and one-time scholarships to college students who fight against political correctness and work to advance freedom, American values, and Constitutional values.

A number of students who have been involved with Young America’s Foundation received an award this year through hosting speakers and organizing campus inititiaves such as the 9/11: Never Forget Project on their campuses.

Recipients include:

$5,000 renewable scholarships

  1. Tim Duffy – University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire
  2. Joy Welborn – The George Washington University

$5,000 one-time scholarships

  1. Danelle Gagliardi – Ohio State University
  2. Gabriella Hoffman – University of California – San Diego
  3. Lydia Mazuryk – University of California – Los Angeles
  4. Vinciane Ngomsi – Truman State University
  5. Ali Parker – Pepperdine University

$3,000 one-time scholarship

  1. Kristen Grieg – Georgia Tech

$2,500 renewable scholarship

  1. Mike Cunningham – Purdue University
  2. Kaylyn Krzemien – Creighton Universtiy

$2,500 one-time scholarship

  1. Alice Wang – Yale University

$1,000 renewable scholarship

  1. Nicholas Kowalski – Michigan State University

$1,000 one-time scholarship

  1. Anthony Dent – University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
  2. Benjamin Walters – University of West Florida

Congratulations to all the activists who received this scholarship!

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