A Fordham University student has been sanctioned by the school for posting photos of his support for the Second Amendment and law enforcement, as the school claims he violated “university regulations relating to bias and/or hate crimes” and “threats/intimidation.”

According to documents obtained by Young America’s Foundation, Austin Tong, a senior conservative student at Fordham received a letter on July 14 from the Assistant Dean of Students informing him that his Instagram posts constituted a violation of university policies. He was sanctioned with university disciplinary probation, campus access restrictions, mandatory bias training, and a forced apology letter.

“For too long, students have simply accepted being silenced by their schools and leftist mobs,” Tong told YAF exclusively. “I think this says that students of all backgrounds and beliefs need to rally together to protect everyone’s right to speak, because it will only get worse if we remain indifferent.” Tong also noted that if the school does not retract the sanctions by July 23, he will take legal action against the school.

This is another clear case of discrimination against conservative students. Wong’s posts on Instagram simply affirmed support for exercising his Second Amendment rights and support law enforcement–they did not constitute a “hate crime.” This university’s targeting of someone who holds a patriotic viewpoint is disturbing–and students everywhere should wake up and realize that anyone can become the next target of cancel culture.

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