By: Caitlyn McCoy

A private university in Florida has created a Multicultural Student Support Fund exclusively for minority students, according to documents received in an anonymous tip submitted to Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tip Line

Stetson University created the Multicultural Student Support Fund which allocates up to $1,000 per year for each student who qualifies to support the “financial needs of students of color.” These funds are available to cover “books, lab fees, school supplies,” “social activities,” and “non-essential expenses,” including library fines and gym memberships.” 

It is fairly common for universities to maintain emergency support programs for students in need of financial assistance–George Washington University, Saint Louis University, Princeton University, and dozens of other institutions across the nation all offer help to those who need it. However, it is highly unusual that access to emergency funding is restricted on the basis of race. It is also unusual that Stetson’s program offers to cover non-emergency expenses like gym memberships and movie tickets.

Unlike a loan, students are not expected to repay awards from the Multicultural Student Support Fund,” a page on the university’s website states.

Stetson says that the funds are given “in honor of those students of varying ethnic backgrounds” who attend school and live in an “often uncomfortable and sometimes even hostile environment.”

Stetson University’s media relations department declined YAF’s request for comment on how students were selected to receive this fund.

Luke Singleton, chairman of Stetson’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter stated, “We stand against discrimination in any form– and this is clearly discrimination. We look forward to a day when policies like this are eliminated and all people, regardless of race, will be treated equally.” 

This isn’t the first time that YAF has raised awareness about outrageous situations at Stetson. Last year, the New Guard exposed a pro-Che Guevara tribute post made by the university on the occasion of Hispanic Heritage month. The school promptly deleted the post and issued an apology as backlash mounted. 

Unfortunately, with Critical Race Theory and diversity, equity, and inclusion training becoming more and more prevalent in colleges and universities across the nation, it is not very surprising to see this happen–even in the free state of Florida. Giving handouts solely on the basis of a student’s skin color is obviously wrong and never justifiable.

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