By: Gabrielle Dankanich

It has been months since conservative students at the University at Buffalo were assaulted and chased across campus by a leftist, pro-BLM mob, yet university police have yet to file any criminal charges against the offenders.

In April, University at Buffalo Young Americans for Freedom hosted Lt. Col. Allen West for a campus lecture event titled, “America Is Not Racist: Why American Values are Exceptional.” In outrage, leftists interrupted the Q&A portion of the event, heckling and threatening the safety of the students as the New Guard reported.

Therese Purcell, then-chairman of UB YAF, was chased by a student mob across campus into the men’s restroom, which was one of the only rooms that could lock for her safety.

Despite the direct threats to the safety of UB students, campus administrators and police have yet to take meaningful action.

“It is very disappointing that another member was physically assaulted and I was chased into a bathroom–afraid for my life–by a group of more than 200 students. I was doxxed and received threats, yet no charges have been filed against the perpetrators,” Purcell told YAF.

It is the responsibility of universities across the country to ensure student safety on campus, however, it seems that the University at Buffalo is choosing to turn a blind eye.

Purcell continued, “The disinterest of the UB administration is unbelievable and alarming. In the past, for so little as furniture damage in the library, UB Police have utilized social media to try and identify the perpetrator.”

Now that months have passed since the attacks, the university’s police department has clearly neglected to give this incident its usual level of attention.

“This really showed me that the school and campus police do not care about the safety of conservative students on campus,” she added.

Though Purcell graduated from University at Buffalo this past spring, she is still concerned for the safety of her former chapter’s members.

How can conservative students be reassured that their right to free speech will be protected on campus?

“I think that the University and law enforcement are setting a dangerous precedent by allowing the left to use violence and fear with no accountability.”

Connor Ogrydziak, the current chairman of UB YAF, agrees with Purcell: “It is appalling to me to see my friends and fellow board members physically and verbally attacked on campus, only to be given minimal regard from the campus community and administration.”

“I understand that conservatism is the minority ideology at UB, similar to many college campuses, but that in no way makes it acceptable for a protest to devolve into a violent mob against conservative students, or any member of the public for that matter,” he continued.

The University at Buffalo Police Department did not respond to YAF’s request for comment. However, Deputy Chief Josh Sticht recently told the Spectrum, a student publication on campus, that they “do not have sufficient information or evidence to identify and charge any specific individual with a crime,” but noted the case remains open.

Students at taxpayer-funded institutions like University at Buffalo should be confident that their rights to practice freedom of speech are protected. While campus police drag their feet to hold the leftist mob accountable, students, alumni, and parents alike are reminded that breaking through the Left’s tight grip on the university system is crucial.

Young America’s Foundation is devoted to protecting the First Amendment rights of our students and advancing their ability to spread the values of conservatism without fear of censorship or violence.

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