For their ability to plan, organize, and host a record setting event at their school, Virginia Tech Young Americans for Freedom (VT YAF) has been named chapter of the month for February.

After hosting a number of successful Young America’s Foundation-sponsored lectures, VT YAF recognized that the student body at Virginia Tech had a burning desire to hear more conservative speakers on campus. The chapter regularly host events with audiences exceeding 200 people, so they decided that it was time to challenge themselves and opted to secure a 500 person auditorium for students to come and hear from Steven Crowder, conservative comedian and host of the show ‘Louder with Crowder.’

Over the course of the next few months, VT YAF spent their time working to familiarize themselves with Virginia Tech’s bureaucracy, navigating through administrative roadblocks, and advertising their event through social media, tabling, and blanketing their campus with posters.

In the week leading up to their event, VT YAF spent their free time flyering and re-flyering their campus after students from the Young Democratic Socialists of America continued to tear down and vandalize YAF’s ads. To the fragile leftists, Crowder was “too offensive,” so destroying any materials that promoted YAF’s event was acceptable. Despite this opposition, the YAF chapter used the Left’s acts of intolerance instead to motivate their members to work harder at marketing and to recruit new activists.

On the day of the event, the YAF chapter was met by a line of students excitedly waiting to hear from Steven Crowder. The auditorium was filled within minutes and nearly 200 people had to be turned away.

“I really appreciate what Young Americans for Freedom is doing,” one student said as he was in line to register to join the YAF chapter.

When asked how they were able to handle the intricacies of a large event so well, Alex Lowman, the chairman of VT YAF explained that they spent time learning the school’s process for holding large events to anticipate any problems before they arose. Alex also explained that delegation was the key to his success. “Every YAF chapter has an executive board for a reason,” he remarked, “If you organize your members into specific roles and clearly define their duties, your life will be tremendously easier.”

The following members of VT YAF were instrumental in the chapter’s success:

Darron England

Mitchell Seeman

Hunter Walton

Daniel Eisert

Rafael Arbex-Murut

Michael Getman

Reuben Slusher

Virginia Tech Young Americans for Freedom undertook a challenging endeavor and persevered through obstacles created by their school’s administration and leftists. For this reason, we congratulate VT YAF on being selected as February’s Chapter of the Month!