By: Joe Prendergast 

Young America’s Foundation’s efforts to empower young conservatives is terrifying the Left in Illinois. Thanks to the cunning work of our YAF activists, we were able to gain insight into what one state-wide leftist group was saying about the rise of YAF’s influence throughout the Midwest. 

Last week, YAF infiltrated a meeting organized by Indivisible Illinois, where meeting leaders expressed concern and frustration over the growth of Young America’s Foundation and the Conservative Movement throughout the state. 

Their meeting, titled, “Zeroing in on the Young and Vulnerable: How Right-Wing Organizations Mobilize High School and College Students,” claimed that “Far Right-Wing Organizations [sic]” like YAF “…appear on high school and college campuses to indoctrinate [young people].” It then goes on, making the libelous declaration that “These students then spread the word about white nationalism to other students.” 

The presentation, which instructed attendees on how to subvert the works of YAF and young conservatives, expressed fear regarding YAF’s success on campuses across America and highlighted the Foundation’s long history of bold and effective activism.

“The focus now is not to talk about Reagan’s bunnies in the backyard, and the kinds of silly things that his brother used to do. The focus, now, is to talk about Reagan’s values and Reagan’s faith,” said Sarah Bingaman, an adjunct professor at Sauk Valley Community College, who was introduced as a developing “expert on the threat posed by [YAF].” 

In her portion of the presentation, Bingaman went on to express concern regarding YAF’s successful campus lecture program, student activism resources, and the Foundation’s new Midwest office in Dixon, Illinois. She then expressed particular bitterness about YAF’s expansion to include programs for educating and empowering middle school students, their parents, and teachers. 

The presentation also denounced The New Guard’s coverage of sexually-explicit content being accessible to minors in the Dixon Public Library, stating that YAF’s work to help local parents concerned about pornography in library books advertised to minors was “a nationwide propaganda blitz.” 

This hysteria expressed by the Left shows the clear need for young conservatives to be increasingly active and outspoken on their campuses and their communities. 

YAF is proud to be a leader in helping students stand for America’s founding values and principles and finds no shame in terrifying the Left through our accomplishments and unrelenting commitment to young Americans. 

If you want to be on the front lines and make an impact, YAF is the organization for you.