Take a look at what has happened just in the last seven days!

Young America’s Foundation capped off a successful year of premier student conferences with a fully-subscribed Fall College Retreat in Washington, D.C. Students at this one-of-a-kind conference heard insights from top conservative speakers, including Dr. Ben Carson, Dinesh D’Souza, Allie Stuckey, Larry O’Connor, Jason Mattera, and others.

In addition, YAF’s one-of-a-kind Virtual Pass allowed 20,000 attendees to have the opportunity to participate in the conference online and ask questions of the notable speakers.

Earlier this week, thousands of students and community members turned out for Ben Shapiro’s exclusive fall campus lecture tour for Young America’s Foundation. As part of the Fred Allen Lecture Series, Shapiro reached capacity audiences at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Ohio State University, and the University of Pittsburgh.

Not surprisingly, these lectures faced leftist obstacles in the days and hours leading up to the YAF events.

Young America’s Foundation threatened the University of Pittsburgh with a lawsuit for their attempt to stop Shapiro from speaking on campus through discriminatory security charges.

In addition, Antifa activists attempted to protest Ben Shapiro’s lecture at the Ohio State University and were overwhelmingly denounced by the media for their hateful comments.

Despite these leftist schemes, more than 500,000 online viewers have watched YAF’s exclusive lecture content with Ben Shapiro on YouTube in the last five days alone!

In addition to our Shapiro lectures, YAF also hosted Dinesh D’Souza at American University. While there, YAF staffer Kyle Ferrebee was assaulted by a triggered leftist as he helped students prepare for the campus speech.

Michael Knowles continued his Covfefe on Campus lecture tour at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, Michigan State University, and the University of Michigan.

U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft spoke to an eager crowd of young people at Beloit College in Wisconsin.

Fox News’s Jesse Watters and Senator Rick Santorum spoke to halls of students at Stetson University and Southern Methodist University, respectively, as part of the Robert and Patricia Herbold Lecture Series.

To cap it all off, YAF received scores of applications from students across the country eager to bring Ben Shapiro’s #onlyatYAF tour to their campuses this spring!

Schools from New York University to the University of California – Irvine to Texas A&M to Montana State University have applied to host Shapiro, who is exclusively speaking for YAF on campus this school year.

While the year comes to a close, Young America’s Foundation continues to bring speakers to schools nationwide! Still to come in November, Senator Rick Santorum will visit New York University; Attorney General John Ashcroft will speak at Northwestern University, and Christina Hoff Sommers will head to Lock Haven University. And that’s just a few! See our full line up here!

We often say our slogan is “The Conservative Movement Starts Here.” And that has certainly been true these past few weeks. From coast to coast, students have lined up for blocks to attend YAF’s campus lectures. Young people traveled across the country to participate in our breakthrough Fall College Retreat.

No other group offers the number of events and conservative campus programs that Young America’s Foundation provides. (In fact, many other organizations actually report on what we accomplish!)