Leftists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are planning to interrupt Wednesday’s Ben Shapiro Lecture on campus, hosted by Young America’s Foundation and the Young Americans for Freedom (the Foundation’s chapter affiliate) at UW-Madison. Leftist students have created an event titled “F**K WHITE SUPREMACY: Interrupting Ben Shapiro,” according to screenshots obtained exclusively by Young America’s Foundation. The students call Shapiro a “pro-Trump agitator who has said derogatory things about Black and Brown people, sexual assault survivors, Muslims, the LGBTQIA+ community, those with low income, those with disabilities, immigrants, and anyone who disagrees with his bigoted views.”


Leftists can plan as many disruptions as they want and attempt to obstruct conservative students’ free speech as much as they want, but the UW-Madison Young Americans for Freedom and Young America’s Foundation won’t back down.

Ben’s lecture on the Left’s use of trigger warnings, microaggresions, and safe spaces will go on as planned in spite of these leftist threats. It will be streamed LIVE Wednesday evening, starting around 8pm ET.

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