Internal emails obtained exclusively by Young America’s Foundation’s Censorship Exposed Project reveal Kennesaw State University in full crisis control mode following its professor’s class-wide email announcing that students were forced to attend a protest of YAF’s Michael Knowles event.

You may remember Jalessah Jackson, a Women and Gender Studies professor, who sent an email to her class last month informing her class that they were “expected” to attend a pro-transgender protest of the Young Americans for Freedom chapter’s Michael Knowles lecture.

Just hours after sending the initial email and YAF exposing her unconstitutional behavior, KSU’s Dean, Shawn Long, emailed Jackson about her antics.

“I understand that this afternoon, you sent a message to your Gender Studies class scheduled to meet this afternoon…requiring your students to attend a student-led freedom of expression demonstration during class time,” Long wrote. “Requiring students to attend a student-led freedom of expression demonstration on the Campus Green in lieu of class may violate KSU policy. Therefore, to the extent you have not already done so, please clarify to your students that attendance at this event is not mandatory, and that they will not be penalized if they decline to attend the demonstration.”

It seems the school was in full crisis management mode following Professor Jackson’s unconstitutional actions being exposed– one email showed the Chair of the Interdisciplinary Department, Robbie Lieberman, urging his colleague not to further spread a Daily Wire story.

Even the day of the event, Robbie Lieberman encouraged professors to invite students to attend the protest of the Michael Knowles YAF event, circulating the protest information as submitted by the organization planning the protest, “KSUnited” and the Kennesaw Pride Alliance.

Stacey Keltner, Chair of the Gender and Women’s Studies Department, also circulated the protest info to her department’s professors. “Please consider supporting and letting your students know about the KPA and KSUnited response: ‘Stand with the Transgender Community.’”

In a later email, Jackson laughably accused YAF, which she claimed to be a “white supremacist group,” of doxing her by publishing her ridiculous and unconstitutional mandatory class attendance of the protest.

It appears these leftist professors at Kennesaw State University would rather promote their prejudices and beliefs over scientific facts–such as, that men are not women, as was the title of Knowles’ campus tour. The Left in higher academia have taken on the “noble” cause of being anti-science, and Young America’s Foundation will continue to be the campus watchdog ensuring truth and science prevail over leftist talking points and unconstitutional antics.