Public records obtained by Young America’s Foundation show administrators of a public school district in Washington scrambling into damage control mode shortly after the publication of a New Guard article exposing the school district’s “gender inclusive” curriculum last year.

Christopher Morris, a conservative father who has a child attending a district school, has been leading the charge in partnership with Young America’s Foundation against woke indoctrination in Bellingham Public Schools for the past two years.

“FYI – I believe Mr. Morris is at it again, trying to create a national backlash toward the district,” Dr. Greg Baker wrote in an email to the school board after YAF’s story was published.

In a separate message to members of the administration, he warned them to “get prepared.”

As the New Guard article revealed, the district’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion department shared a curriculum plan titled, “How We Introduced Pronouns on the First Day of School,” on its Instagram account.

The Instagram account is intended to serve as a curriculum-planning resource for the district’s educators. However, Superintendent Baker was apparently concerned that this method of publicly sharing curriculum ideas could present a threat to their agenda. 

In a separate email, Baker suggested a temporary hiatus for the public posting of controversial lesson plans: “It may be we hold off on focused EDI social media for a while…email staff…but not the outside world…we have eyes watching us for anything they [sic] can be exploited…and they’re doing it…you know what they say about the definition of insanity.”

The superintendent’s implication that Mr. Morris was demonstrating “insanity” for wanting to protect his child from inappropriate and misleading lesson plans is obviously ridiculous. 

Also following the publication of the article, Velasquez Farmer, director for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion sent a request to the assistant superintendent’s office asking that her contact information be removed from the district’s website, as was done for Jennifer Mason after YAF revealed that the school board member owns and operates an “all-ages sex shop.”

If teachers and administrators feel the need to hide the things they’re teaching children from parents–or to remove their contact information from public access–perhaps that should serve as an indication that something has gone very wrong.

A parent having concern for the content of his child’s education is not insane. It should be normal. America’s education system need more parents like Christopher Morris who are willing to stand up and push back against the true “insanity.”