Photo Credit: Adams House Committee Facebook

Exclusive e-mails released to the New Guard by an anonymous source reveal that a committee in the Adams House student housing at Harvard University rejected a 1950s dance theme after several students claimed it is racist.

The theme of the event was voted on by students living in Adams House, but promptly changed after the Adams House Committee learned of the outcry of a few students. The outrage began after the notes and minutes from the Adams House Committee open meeting were released. Students began responding to the e-mail voicing concern over the 1950s theme.

Several students reacted harshly to the announcement saying, “Will there be a separate water fountain for us at the formal?” Other students chimed in asking, “Are we even allowed to buy tickets? Or are we only allowed in as serving staff?” Some went even further, alleging more injustices, such as, “What sort of quotas will be in place for Asians entering/emigrating into the house? What is the policy on communists?”





Approximately two weeks later, an e-mail was sent out from the Adams House Committee, informing students that the theme had been changed to “Sock Hop.” The message explained that they wanted “to make formal the inclusive and welcoming event that it always is.” However, it is unclear how changing the theme to a “Sock Hop” would be any different from a 1950s theme.


In the e-mail from the Adams House Committee, students were also encouraged to examine the issue as they said, “We realize that the formal theme that was chosen comes with a history, and we want to encourage you all to think about and reflect on that history.”

The New Guard reached out to numerous offices at Harvard for comment regarding the decision to change the event because of the alleged racism, but no one responded. As far as Facebook photos from the event show, the dance was very well attended by a diverse group of students who appear to be enjoying the festivities.

It is stories like this that demonstrate the attitude of students on college campuses today and the necessity for conservatives to push back against it. Their fragile sensibilities need to be coddled even when it comes to something as ridiculous as changing a dance theme in name only to make sure that students’ feelings aren’t hurt.

This situation represents yet another case of a vocal minority whose every whim is viewed as being superior to the wants of the majority due to alleged injustice. It’s not that the minority shouldn’t be able to speak up when they’ve been wronged, but come on. How does changing the name of an event make it more “inclusive and welcoming?” If we continue down this path, it will require us to erase every portion of our history to make sure no one is offended.