Over the weekend, leading event management platform Eventbrite once again demonstrated its intolerance for conservative events by taking down the ticketing page for Young America’s Foundation’s Wednesday evening lecture featuring Matt Walsh at Stanford University.

Hundreds of registered attendees were surprised to receive emails from the company informing them that their tickets had been canceled.

When a Stanford student organizer asked an Eventbrite customer service representative why the tickets were canceled, she responded, “It does actually violate our Terms of Service. It does not mean you cannot host the event, however, you can no longer ticket for it via Eventbrite.”

This is far from the first time that Eventbrite has discriminated against events featuring Matt Walsh and his groundbreaking documentary, What is a Woman? 

In November, they did the exact same thing to a ticketing page for Walsh’s YAF tour stop at the University of California, Berkeley. They’ve also taken down pages advertising independent screenings of his documentary by conservative campus groups and a community parent association.

Young America’s Foundation and the Stanford College Republicans have since set up a new ticketing platform for the event. Free tickets can be reserved here.