Dinesh D’Souza has confirmed February 28 as the date for his Young America’s Foundation (YAF) lecture at Stanford University while administrators continue their attempts to block the event by refusing outside funds to cover security fees. This is only the latest dirty trick from the school in an apparent play to block conservative ideas from being heard on campus. 

First, Stanford’s student government allocated a laughable $16.50 out of $6,000 requested by the Stanford College Republicans for their event. On appeal, the student government again rejected conservative students’ request for funds to bring an ideologically-diverse voice to campus.

Following the laughably low allocation, the Stanford Student Activities and Leadership (SAL) Office notified the Stanford CRs that they’d be responsible for security costs, estimated by the school to be $19,000. That arbitrary fee, no doubt discriminatorily levied based on the conservative views set to be expressed, has now been reduced to roughly $4,000. This cost to “secure” campus during D’Souza’s appearance is nothing more than a transparent attempt to chill expression and obstruct conservative speech.

Now, despite generous supporters stepping forward to cover the security fees and other costs associated with the event, Stanford is refusing to accept the funds by citing an unseen policy that, administrators claim, requires 50% of funds to come from “on-campus” sources. Stanford did not respond to a request for comment on—or proof of—this unseen regulation. 

With the student government choosing not to provide funds for the event and administrators holding fast to an apparently-unwritten rule preventing outside funds, Stanford is effectively preventing this lecture, part of YAF’s ‘#FakeHistory Debunked Tour,’ from happening. 

Stanford leftists and the speakers they wish to have on campus seemingly face no such opposition. Stanford College Republicans were able to compile a significant list of prominent leftists who have appeared on Stanford’s campus without resistance. They include anti-semite Linda Sarsour, domestic terrorist Angela Davis, and democratic socialist darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who is slated to speak in 2019.

“We have amassed ample resources to host Mr. D’Souza and we have made every effort to comply with Stanford’s onerous regulations,” noted a spokesperson for the Stanford CRs. “Nevertheless, in its feverish efforts to deny us free expression on campus, Stanford has continued to move the goalposts, manufacture rules specific to us, and make our event effectively impossible.”

“Young America’s Foundation calls on Stanford to uphold its stated commitment to free expression by allowing the Stanford College Republicans to utilize the outside funds they are able to secure, given Stanford’s utter lack of support for ideological diversity,” stated Young America’s Foundation Spokesman Spencer Brown. “These students should not have to seek outside funds, but in doing so they called the bluff of Stanford administrators who assumed previous obstacles would stop their activism. Stanford is now learning the lesson that YAF never backs down, and neither do its campus activists.”

For further information or to request an interview contact YAF Spokesman Spencer Brown via sbrown@yaf.org or 800-872-1776.