Tweet from MalkinEarlier this week New York Times best-selling author Michelle Malkin spoke at UT-Austin to speak in part on her book, Culture of Corruption.

While she was there, Dream Act supporters had engaged in a “hunger strike” and Malkin was eager to debate them and encouraged them to “bring it on” on her website.

However, one lefty, Brandon Curl, is upset that Malkin appeared on campus to speak and he wrote an op-ed asking the conservatives on campus to apologize. His reason? It seems that Malkin didn’t simply curl up (no pun intended) and just give in to the liberal viewpoint. Quite the opposite in fact, Malkin bluntly told Dream Act supporters that they need to follow America’s laws just as every other immigrant to this country. This harsh reality didn’t seem to go over so well.

Brandon was also upset that Malkin dared to respond to a liberal tweeter who referred to her as a “bitch.” So, Brandon, you weren’t upset that a fellow leftist called her a bitch, but the fact she responded and dared to defend herself?

This event reveals the weakness of many liberals on campus and the benefits of hosting a prominent conservative speaker. Most liberals are rarely confronted with a different viewpoint during their college career and when they are actually challenged by conservative leader, they often find their arguments quickly torn down.    

The Foundation is happy to help any student bring a prominent conservative such as Michelle Malkin to their school.



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