The pursuit of truth has been replaced by the protection of feelings in higher education. Colleges are now carried away with wacky gender politics, safe spaces, and “their truth.”

The good news for conservative students is that they are going to get a real education! No one is going to be concerned about their feelings. They are going to be tested every day in the classroom. That is, after all, what education is supposed to be about.

At the same time, a few noisy social justice warriors will paint conservatives as the “embodiment of evil.” When conservatives challenge these leftists with logic and evidence, they might get reported for “making someone feel unsafe.”

Despite this, even at schools overrun by the new liberal orthodoxy, conservative students will find allies who are likely to become their lifelong friends.

America’s college campuses have been called “islands of repression in a sea of freedom.” It’s time for conservative students to liberate their islands!