DagelAs we wrote and covered heavily last month, Des Moines Community College Young Americans for Freedom chair Jake Dagel is suing his school in district court over their free speech policy. 

The Des Moines Register wrote,

 According to the lawsuit, DMACC’s policy is to restrict campus
leafleting to a “Speech Zone” – essentially a hallway with tables
and chairs where organizations who register in advance are allowed
to pass information to students.

Court papers contend the policy, which requires an advance
review of any information to be distributed, is too broad and gives
too much power in limiting the time, place and manner of speech.
Documents argue that by “restricting (Dagel’s) desired speech to 10
business days advance notice and a cramped table in a lobby, the
college is violating his constitutional rights.”

This stems from Dagel’s fight against the school’s taxpayer-sponsorship of a LGBTQ conference that bashed conservatives and Christians. Dagel took to social media, local TV, radio to shed light on the hypocrisy and the spending of taxpayer money on hateful rhetoric. School security squashed Dagel’s attempt to pass out flyers opposing the March 28 event. 

The lawsuit, per the Des Moines Register,

…While providing no specifics, also contends that campus officials “have applied the Solicitation and Recruitment Policy and associated practices to plaintiff in a discriminatory and unequal manner, allowing other students to speak freely and distribute literature when defendants say plaintiff cannot do the same, in violation of plaintiff’s right to equal protection of the laws under the Fourteenth Amendment.”

This type of case is not unusual for a YAFer to be involved in, actually. The chapter at Palm Beach State College experienced the exact same type of anti-free speech
. Dagel filed this lawsuit with help from Alliance Defending Freedom. Young America’s Foundation and Young Americans for Freedom are not parties to the suit.

We will be covering the legal action as soon as more information becomes available.



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