Snow Outside YAF's OfficesIt certainly didn’t take a historic snowfall in Washington, D.C. to make many question the validity of global warming and climate change. Climategate, which is just one instance, has the environmental movement reeling. On Friday, conservative students and community members at Penn State University will rally at noon to protest the university’s internal investigation of Michael Mann and his misconduct related to the Climategate scandal.

You can challenge your school’s climate change proponents by hosting one of Young America’s Foundation’s speakers.

Chris Horner, Phelm McAleer, and Ann McElhinney are just a few of the speakers who can effectively counter your professors’ claims of impending doom if we don’t surrender more of our rights to government. When a Foundation speaker appears on campus, environmental studies professors encourage their classes to attend to challenge our speakers’ points. These lectures become one of the few occasions when those pushing for more government control have their claims challenged

Be sure to contact us to learn how you can host one of the speakers at your school.





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