LGBT parents and activists were disappointed to learn that, as of last week, Disney’s streaming platform requires all users to provide their age. By default, children under the age of 13 are enrolled in “Junior Mode,” which restricts access to inappropriate content, including titles that feature LGBT characters and themes.

The news went viral on TikTok after a “transgender” user posted an update that has since been viewed and shared thousands of times: “This is going to be really hard for a lot of kids who had previous access to LGBT programming on Disney+ that will suddenly no longer be able to access it,” he said.


Disney is blocking lgbt kids content. #trans #transgender #lgbtq #transrights

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I’m actually shocked by this move,” someone commented on the video.

“Thank you! Turned off jr mode,” a parent who apparently wants to expose her children to inappropriate content, wrote.

Young America’s Foundation verified that Disney’s new parental control feature does, in fact, work as it should.

A search for “LGBTQ” content on an adult profile returned more than a dozen titles. When YAF performed the same search on a profile with Junior Mode activated, the only result (seemingly, by error) was “Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas,” a 1999 film that doesn’t actually feature inappropriate sexual messaging of any sort, according to Common Sense Media

This move by Disney to prevent children from accessing materials that are not age-appropriate is a step in the right direction, no doubt. However, it should have been implemented years ago. Content that is designed to persuade young, impressionable children to join the Left’s ideological cult should have never been accessible to the eyes of children.