Members of the University of Alabama’s “Generation Action” chapter are planning to protest Matt Walsh’s upcoming “What is a Woman?” screening event on campus, hosted by the university’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter.

“I know many of you are disheartened and angry about Matt Walsh’s visit to campus, as are we on exec,” Ashley Whitmire, president of the Planned Parenthood-sponsored student organization, wrote in a group chat. “We have been in touch with other like-minded orgs, and together we are organizing a protest,” her message continued.

Members of the YAF chapter caught several leftist vandals splashing water on one of their sidewalk chalk event announcements.

“I saw one of them today all scuffed up outside of Bidgood. Brought a smile to my face,” Avery Bush, a sophomore studying HR management, wrote.

Another student, Venus (who absurdly goes by “they/them” pronouns), shared that members of the Queer Student Association had chalked over the Walsh event announcement the night before.

“When the Left has to drive conservatives off campus, suppress our events, and go to great lengths to prevent students from hearing our ideas, they unwittingly admit that their beliefs are untrue, their arguments are unpersuasive, and their chokehold over the culture will collapse like a house of cards when exposed to the slightest challenge,” Wyatt Eicholtz, chairman of UA YAF, told the New Guard.

As Young America’s Foundation reported last week, campus leftists started a petition asking administrators to cancel the event, citing concerns that Walsh would inflict “violence” on transgender students. In the time since YAF broke that story, the two-week-old petition has only gained 39 signatures.

These students are intolerant of opposing viewpoints–and their futile efforts at the University of Alabama are bound to fail. As a non-binary panelist recently conceded, “you can’t stop the Matt Walsh.”