Through a new exclusive campus lecture tour with Dinesh D’Souza, Young America’s Foundation will bring the New York Times bestselling author and filmmaker’s conservative message to students who are eager to hear conservative ideas across the country during the 2018-2019 academic year.

In a phone call to longtime Young America’s Foundation ally Dinesh D’Souza last week, President Donald Trump reiterated his desire for D’Souza “to be out there, to be a bigger voice than ever, defending the principles that [we] believe in.”

Young America’s Foundation is fulfilling President Trump’s wishes by ensuring just that.

“As the past three and a half decades prove, Young America’s Foundation and Dinesh D’Souza make an unstoppable team when it comes to boldly advancing conservative ideas for the rising generation,” said YAF spokesman Spencer Brown. “YAF is proud to be the exclusive campus partner of Dinesh D’Souza as we prepare for the coming school year that’s certain to present new challenges to free speech and conservative activism. Young America’s Foundation never backs down, and neither does Dinesh D’Souza.”

Dinesh D’Souza and Young America’s Foundation have worked together for more than 35 years to advance and defend freedom’s principles at some of the most inhospitable campuses for conservatives.


“We’re excited to partner with Young America’s Foundation and Dinesh D’Souza to spread conservative ideas far and wide, passing the baton of conservative leadership to the next generation,” noted the generous supporters of D’Souza’s 2018-2019 tour who wish to remain anonymous. “Students deserve to receive an education based on unbiased facts, not revisionist history. Sadly, too few students today benefit from a robust understanding of the ideas and events that shape our world, because too few schools offer perspectives that challenge the leftist worldview. We are alarmed that today’s students are indoctrinated to believe that freedom—the great protector against tyranny—should be forfeited in pursuit of the progressive agenda. That’s why we are sponsoring this campus tour. Dinesh D’Souza is one of today’s most intelligent, articulate, courageous scholars.”

With the largest campus lecture program in the country, Young America’s Foundation is the only group able to bring D’Souza’s ideas to thousands of students on campus and millions more online, breaking up the monopoly of ideas enforced by campus leftists.

For additional information on YAF’s exclusive campus lecture tour with Dinesh D’Souza or to request an interview contact YAF spokesman Spencer Brown via email ( or phone (800-872-1776).