Despite having no apparent problem hosting prominent leftists in the past, DePaul University is working to obstruct DePaul Young Americans for Freedom’s scheduled lecture with Christina Hoff Sommers, after the chapter announced Ben Shapiro was slated to make a guest appearance.

To great media criticism DePaul banned YAF from hosting Ben Shapiro in August. In response DePaul YAF, Young America’s Foundation, and Shapiro decided the campus needed his message and planned to host him alongside Sommers in order to make a powerful statement about the importance of ideological diversity.

As of Tuesday morning, DePaul administrators were actively working to prevent students from hearing Shapiro’s message on campus that evening.

DePaul YAF, Young America’s Foundation, and Shapiro are exploring all options to ensure interested students at DePaul have the opportunity to hear from Sommers and Shapiro despite their school’s objections.

Young America’s Foundation staff are on the ground at DePaul and working to broadcast LIVE from this evening’s event, so please stay tuned for further developments and follow @YAF on Twitter for news as it happens.