Showing once again that their ideas don’t hold up in a fair debate, leftists on the University at Buffalo’s campus have launched a desperate false flag attack in a feeble attempt to undermine the UB Young Americans for Freedom Chapter.

“#ENDWOMENSRIGHTS” proclaims the poster made to look as if it came from UB YAF. The ridiculous flyer was posted on several bulletin boards without approval from the UB Student Association. “Have your women been speaking out of turn lately?” asks the flyer. “Do they think they’re entitled to opinions? Are you down right tired of it? For actual conversation, between other straight white men, join us Thursdays 7:30 in O’Brian 109.”

Further underscoring the Left’s hypocrisy is their failure to recognize that UB YAF is led by female students–but because they are conservatives, the allegedly “pro-woman” Left doesn’t champion UB YAF’s tireless work to advance their ideas. Instead, leftists at the University at Buffalo are waging their own war on women by assuming one cannot be both a conservative and a woman at the same time.

The UB Young Americans for Freedom executive board pose with Katie Pavlich after a campus lecture.

This sort of attack isn’t even original. YAF students at The George Washington University were also the target of a false flag attack from cowardly leftists. These incidents only prove the truly intolerant belong to the ranks of campus leftists, and the beliefs they seek to project onto conservatives show their own desire to censor those they disagree with.

Young America’s Foundation calls on University at Buffalo administrators to investigate this baseless smear and to hold the intolerant students behind it responsible for their actions.