Members of Davidson College’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter took to their campus quad to get their peers’ thoughts on a brave new initiative: Students for Educational Equality.

Their proposal: Take a couple points away from students with GPAs in the top 10%, and give those points to the students with GPAs in the bottom 10% in order to ensure an equal opportunity for graduation.

Predictably, when students were asked to sign a petition urging their school to redistribute their hard-earned grades to someone who’d slacked off all semester, they objected.

“I don’t know about that… I kinda like people to work for what they get,” responded one student.

“Everyone works hard to attain their own GPA and I don’t think it’s necessarily fair,” said another when asked to sign the petition.

“I’m close to the bottom, I’ll do it,” said one student who apparently had something to gain by taking other students’ good grades.

The YAF members even got a professor to sign their petition to redistribute GPAs.

YAF’s GPA Redistribution project allowed Davidson YAF to ask their peers why they said it was wrong to redistribute GPAs, but thought the government should be redistributing wealth: “If it’s unfair to say that the people with the highest GPAs didn’t deserve it, why is it suddenly fair to say that successful people don’t deserve the money they earned?”

After Davidson YAF released their video, leftists on their campus were apparently triggered by the simple realization that people don’t owe the fruits of their labor to anyone else.

A response to the video, penned by a duo of Gender and Sexualities Studies and History/English majors, called the video “provocative” in noting that it made “an argument against wealth redistribution.” “We aren’t here to argue about the specifics of this video,” they write, “although both of us personally find it ridiculous and infuriating.”

Cannibalizing their own leftist allies on campus, the piece goes on to chastise those who oppose YAF for “reacting without ever acting” to YAF activism. The impact of bold YAFers is made clear by this leftist duo who note the number of professors who discussed it in class, and “the hundreds of Facebook posts and comments” responding to Davidson YAF’s project.

Congratulations to Davidson YAF, Brooke Riley, Mick Shanahan, Kenny Xu, Thomas Lindemann, and Jeff Gurley for causing students at Davidson to confront the idea of wealth redistribution and government intervention in personal success, and sending the Left into a tailspin as they try to cope with the new discussions about conservative ideas started by this video!