California State University Long Beach will host a series of segregated “diversity” virtual ceremonies as part of their Cultural Graduation Celebrations.

According to CSULB’s website, the following categories are included: American Indian, Lavender (LGBTQIA+), Black, Pacific Islander, Cambodian, Pilipino, Chicano Latino, and Vietnamese.

Noticeably missing from the category options are East Asia, West Asia, the entirety of Europe, and the Middle East–none of which are available for selection.

The ceremony will include a slideshow in which students in the included categories can submit a photograph and “brief dedication” to “honor their diversity and identities.”

Far-left academia’s obsession with separating everyone into different identities and groups does far more to divide than unite. Not to mention, the university is seemingly picking and choosing which cultures are valid enough to be celebrated with their own ceremony, excluding many in their virtue-signaling quest for inclusion.

Especially in times of crisis, graduating seniors should be uniting under one identity, regardless of their background: American.