Starting this fall, California State University, Los Angeles is offering segregated housing for students who “identify as Black/African American” to accommodate the demands given to the university last fall from the school’s Black Student Union.

The new black student only housing, known as the Halisi Scholars Black Living-Learning Community, is being described by CSULA as a “group of people living together in a specially-themed [emphasis added] housing area who share common academic goals and attitudes.”

In celebration of this “victory,” the CSULA Black Student Union posted on their Instagram that this is a “long overdue, but well deserved” achievement.

As part of the application process to be considered for the new Halisi Scholars Black Living-Learning Community, students had to apply by July 27 and agree to live by certain specific standards.

The following are some of the rules to which students must agree to abide by:

  • Respect the differences of others that live in my community and look for positive thing to learn from them
  • Be an advocate for change if the tools and resources available are deemed inadequate
  • Accept that I am still learning and need to be open to new ideas and experiences

It’s important to remember that these are the same students who were were incapable of tolerating the different message that Young America’s Foundation speaker Ben Shapiro tried to share on the CSULA campus this past February.

Members of the Black Student Union organized protests outside of Shapiro’s lecture hosted by the CSULA Young Americans for Freedom chapter last February, and conducted “safe space” discussion groups to recoup from being within one hundred yards of Shapiro and his “intolerant” and “offensive” conservative beliefs.

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By the standards each student was required to abide by in order to be a part of this new housing community at CSULA, any student who participated in the protests against Shapiro likely wouldn’t qualify to live in this community.

The “inclusive” Left has proven once more that it is utterly disinterested in advocating for the true meaning of that very concept.