Radical leftists at California State University- Los Angeles immediately lashed out after the school’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter announced its plans to host a lecture by Christina Hoff Sommers this fall.

The same social justice warriors who violently protested Ben Shapiro’s YAF lecture last spring are already planning to disrupt Sommers’ lecture, slated for October 4th.

In a string of comments on CSULA YAF’s Facebook event, one student referred to YAF as, “a sad group.” Another called Dr Sommers “anti-feminist.”

In a casual act of racism, one Facebook commenter claimed CSULA YAF, which is roughly 60 percent non-white, is made up of “poc [people of color] yearning for white privilege.”

“Stop giving this event the free attention. Tryna keep it low key rn while we plan,” wrote one campus liberal.

CSULA YAF’s message to the haters? “Bring it on,” said chapter chair Mark Kahanding.

Dr. Sommers will speak on October 4 at 3:00 p.m. Time will tell if the social justice warriors are tolerant enough to expose themselves to true ideological diversity. Based on these comments, it’s probably safe to assume they will end up trying to silence the voice of yet another respected conservative speaker, further isolating themselves in their comfortable campus bubble of liberalism.

CSULA liberals shouldn’t forget, with the legal assistance of Alliance Defending Freedom, Young America’s Foundation, Ben Shapiro, and a CSULA student are suing William Covino, the university president, various administrators, and two professors who repeatedly targeted the YAF chapter, for violating their First and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

It’s unclear whether they have learned their lesson yet.