Liberals at California State University- Los Angeles (CSULA) just can’t handle the fact that the school’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter is hosting a lecture by Christina Hoff Sommers next week.

After the lecture was announced, students lit up social media to plan a protest, threatening to “shut this sh*t down.” Just yesterday, CSULA YAF caught a pair of disgruntled feminists on camera tearing down fliers advertising the lecture for being “offensive.”

Last night, one CSULA leftist lashed out on Facebook, referring to Dr. Sommers as an “evil, regressive piece of garbage.”


The student continued to say, “I hope she gets protested and obstructed just like [Ben] Shapiro did.”

Back in March, police had to escort Shapiro and YAF activists out of his YAF-sponsored lecture at CSULA because a violent mob of Black Lives Matter protestors surrounded the venue and created a serious safety concern. Conservative students were pushed and shoved and kicked to the ground.

Due to the school’s inability to protect its students’ rights, Young America’s Foundation, CSULA YAF chapter chair Mark Kahanding, and Ben Shapiro are currently suing the administrators involved. Rest assured, if CSULA YAF’s event with Dr. Sommers is obstructed as well, the school will face more repercussions.

Dr. Sommers will be addressing CSULA YAF on October 4. Her remarks will be live streamed on

Young America’s Foundation will do everything in its power to ensure the safety of Dr. Sommers and the YAF students who are eager to hear her message.

Why should it have to come to this?