On May 17, CSULA President William Covino led a public “healing space” meeting to discuss the aftermath of Ben Shapiro’s February YAF lecture on campus. Footage obtained exclusively by YAF shows President Covino conspiring with students and professors to censor conservatism at CSULA.

During the gathering, which took place in the same theater as YAF’s February lecture, Professor Melina Abdullah referred to Ben Shapiro as a “neo-Nazi” (before deciding “neo-KKK” was a better term) and President Covino enthusiastically reassured students he “would never” invite Ben to campus. Attendees, including President Covino, can be seen plotting to prevent CSULA Young Americans for Freedom from hosting future lectures by implementing new bureaucratic methods of censorship. Covino also entertained the possibility that YAF events need TSA-style security to prevent firearms from being brought to campus. 

Watch highlights below, and view the full 40+ minute video of the event here.

Young America’s Foundation, CSULA YAF, Ben Shapiro and Mark Kahanding, with the guidance of Alliance Defending Freedom, filed a lawsuit against CSULA professors and administrators just last week. Read more here.