Leftists at Stanford who were responsible for the creation of the “silent rally” poster that depicted Shapiro as vermin on a “BenBGon” bug spray bottle have apologized, saying they understand that the imagery “plays into antisemitic tropes that say Jews are insects and pests that need to be exterminated.”

According to an email obtained by Young America’s Foundation, the student group “Coalition of Concerned Students” expressed a “sincere apology” for their grotesque imagery. The email then went on to claim that they are “sensitive to antisemitism.”

Irony is dead– these moronic leftists were the sole perpetrators of antisemitism in this incident, given their depiction of an Orthodox Jew as vermin. Their attempts to backtrack and pretend they’re not hateful are laughable.

They go on to claim that Ben Shapiro himself is anti-semitic. “We condemn Shapiro’s unwavering Islamophobia and antisemitism through his belief that only way to be a real Jew is to agree with him and through his strong support of Zionism.” After depicting him through an antisemitic lens, the hateful leftists are trying to shield blame and take the focus off of their own discriminatory actions–you can’t make this up.

“We will not let Ben Shapiro’s manipulative and hateful language divide us,” the email read. The only hateful and manipulative language being spread is by the group claiming to be the face of tolerance. It’s time for these leftists to look in the mirror and realize the only people peddling hate on their campus are themselves.


Despite leftists’ attempts to push back against the event, including mobbing students who were hanging Shapiro flyers and removing a banner advertising the lecture, demand to see Shapiro is monumental, with tickets already having sold out.