Boston University’s Dean of Students informed students on Wednesday that if they are caught at any on or off-campus gatherings with more than 25 people, they will be immediately suspended from the school and not refunded tuition.

“If you host a large (more than 25 people) gathering, social or party off campus or on-campus, you will be suspended through the fall semester and will not be able to attend classes in person or remotely,” Kenneth Elmore wrote. He also noted the same sanctions would be levied on students simply attending the gathering.

“If your student organization, club, or sports team hosts a large (more than 25 people) gathering, social party, or event, the organization will be suspended and University recognition withdrawn, at minimum, throughout the fall semester.”

Elmore noted that if a student is suspended for the semester, they will not receive refunds for tuition or room & board.

The school also encourages students to report large gatherings or students not wearing face masks to the administration.

“I hope that I will not have to suspend anyone,” the email concludes.

Nicholas Deane, chairman of BU Young Americans for Freedom, criticized the university’s threats.

“The policy dictated by Dean Elmore is a radical overreach of Boston University’s jurisdiction over students’ behavior,” Deane said. “To ban events hosted by students, student organizations, or faculty in which 25 or more people gather on Boston University property–although extreme–would be a policy within the university’s current jurisdiction. However, Boston University has overstepped its bounds of authority and promotes an atmosphere of suspicion over cooperation by issuing this vague overbearing policy and creating a surveillance hotline to turn in fellow students.”

To suggest such harsh punishment for first time offenders is truly shameful, even for these power-hungry administrators. Boston University’s tuition is more than $60,000 per year–refusing to refund students this money even if they do not receive the education and resources they signed up for speaks volumes to the greedy nature of far-left administrators.

According to the university’s admission website, BU’s average class size is 27. Will students be held to the same standard for attending larger classes? Will Boston issue clear guidelines as to how these rules and punishments will be put into place? Will the school respect due-process? We’re not holding our breath.

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