By Zachary Miller, Baylor Young Americans for Freedom

Matt Walsh’s speech has had a tremendous impact on our campus.

Leading up to the event, leftist students tried to get it shut down. They tore down every flyer we put up and started petitions to stop Walsh from speaking, which gained thousands of signatures. Some went so far as to threaten our members, and Baylor’s administrators did nothing about it.

This controversy was covered by news outlets such as Fox News, The Daily Wire, TheBlaze, the Washington Examiner, and more.

On the day of the speech, leftist students and faculty continued promoting a University-funded counter-event, “Love Feast,” hosted by the radically left-wing Department of Multicultural Affairs. Despite this, our event took place as planned without issue.

The event was the talk of campus for at least a week after, spawning several articles in the student newspaper, a post-event protest in the middle of campus, an anti-YAF talk on civility by Baylor’s president, and some professors and donors being disabused of the notion that Baylor is, as it claims, “unapologetically Christian.”

Baylor is now seriously considering chartering the LGBT group which tore down our flyers and threatened our members, thereby abdicating its traditional Christian principles and endangering YAF’s position on campus.

That said, we have no intention of letting up. Despite this being our chapter’s first semester on campus, Baylor YAF currently boasts 85 members and we’re on track to surpass 100 by the beginning of May. Baylor students are finally waking up to the hateful tactics and anti-conservative policies of the University.

This is only the beginning for us.

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