Kyle Ferrebee is a senior at Wingate University, where he is currently enrolled in the pre-law program. He is majoring in business management with a minor in legal studies.

Since his sophomore year in high school, Kyle has passionately pursued his dream of serving the American people through a career as a constitutional attorney and a U.S. Senator.

Kyle was introduced to Young America’s Foundation through its podcast. In September 2015, he became the founder of a Young Americans for Freedom chapter at his school where he has worked ardently to promote the American ideas of individual freedom, free enterprise, freedom of religion, and a strong national defense on his campus. Kyle and his chapter recently hosted a lecture by author Nonie Darwish and carried out an anti-socialism campaign to raise awareness on the dangers of a government-controlled economy.

Through Young America’s Foundation, Kyle attended an activism training seminar, where he was given the tools and education necessary to run a successful Young Americans for Freedom chapter, as well as the Foundation’s Nashville Freedom Conference, where he heard from powerful conservative leaders including Dr. Art Laffer, Lt. Col. Allen West, and Rachel Campos Duffy.

Kyle is also a member of the Wingate ethics debate team, Circle K International, the Model United Nations, and the university honors program. During his free time, he enjoys woodworking, wakeboarding, hiking, and playing guitar.

Kyle is enthusiastic about becoming involved in the Conservative Movement and is excited to work for Young America’s Foundation to advance its mission.