SAVANNA INTERNSavanna Wierenga of Grand Rapids, Michigan is one of the newest
interns at the Reagan Ranch Center. She is currently a sophomore at
Hillsdale College, where she plans on pursuing a degree in
Marketing as well as a minor in Speech.

Savanna’s first encounter with Young America’s Foundation was at
the 2012 Regional Conference in Columbus, OH. Her
passion for the Conservative Movement flourished after having the
opportunity to listen to speakers such as Patrick Coyle and Ron
and meeting like-minded individuals. Following the conference, she decided to get
involved in Hillsdale’s new Young Americans for Freedom chapter by becoming Event Chair. In just one year, Hillsdale Young Americans for Freedom have brought various speakers to campus, such as Michael Medved and Katie Pavlich. 

This February, Savanna attended the New Beginnings Seminar at the Reagan Ranch Center. Not only did she fall in love with the scenery around Santa Barbara, but also by visiting President Reagan’s ranch she gained a better sense of his way of life. After experiencing the Ranch, she truly understood Reagan’s character and developed a deeper respect for the man she already admired. During the conference, Savanna realized it was her duty to fight to reform America back to its constitutional principles. In order to fulfill that duty, Savanna applied for an internship with Young America’s Foundation. Savanna looks forward to becoming more involved and educated throughout her internship so she can continue to play an important role in the Conservative Movement. Savanna feels very blessed for the opportunity to intern with the Foundation this summer.  

For the next few years, Savanna plans to continue studying at
Hillsdale College while developing Hillsdale’s YAF chapter so that
it may be a beacon of hope in a country that has largely forgotten the meaning. 

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