Carter Lankes is 20 years old from Merritt Island, Florida. He currently attends the University of Central Florida (UCF) where he is majoring in electrical engineering. He is also the founding chairman of the UCF Young American’s for Freedom chapter.

Carter became involved with Young America’s Foundation after his sister recommended he check out the Foundation’s programming. He proceeded to start a chapter at the same time as another student at UCF (also named Carter), so they teamed up. While the chapter has only been on campus for one semester, they have already had a mock Berlin wall teardown, a socialist bake sale, many days of tabling, and regular meetings.

Carter has attended many Foundation conferences including an activism training seminar, the Nashville Freedom Conference, and Club 100, where he has learned more than he ever learned from a regular college class.

Besides his YAF activities, Carter also plays guitar in a band, surfs, and hangs out with his dog.

Carter is excited to join the Young America’s Foundation team this summer. He hopes to see how the Conservative Movement works first hand, so he can go back to his campus with a battle plan to advance his ideas.