Dillan Keck is a student at Texas Christian University (TCU) studying economics and political science. He is originally from California currently lives in Dallas, Texas.1974999_980294281981136_6653730703959517411_n

Dillan became involved with Young America’s Foundation during his first semester of college when he attended the Great Beginnings seminar at the Reagan Ranch. He had not anticipated how much he would learn from the most respected leaders in the Conservative Movement about American exceptionalism and how liberal ideas had shaped what many of my peers believed.

After the conference, he returned to his campus excited to act upon his conservative beliefs. He helped his chapter host Foundation speaker John Stossel in addition to organizing other campus initiatives.

This past year, he became president of his Young Americans for Freedom chapter, building upon the group’s past success. Recently, Dillan hosted Lt. Colonel Allen West at TCU, which was the most successful event in the chapter’s history, attracting an audience of almost 250 people.

Dillan is excited to continue his path in the Conservative Movement as an intern for Young America’s Foundation where he hopes to gain a better understanding of how the Foundation successfully educates so many young conservatives.