Loyal Carpenter is a junior at College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, MO where he studies Business Management and History. Loyal first got involved with the Conservative Movement during his first week on campus after he was invited to attend a meeting of the newly formed Young Americans for Freedom chapter. Later that semester, College of the Ozarks hosted Dr. Charles Krauthammer to speak on campus. It was following that lecture that Loyal was exposed to true conservative ideals and he committed himself to promoting the ideas of limited government, a strong national defense, and free enterprise on his campus.

College of the Ozarks frequently partners with the Young Americans for Freedom chapter with support of their activism projects. With this support Loyal has had the opportunity to lead his chapter in projects such as the 9/11 Never Forget project, Constitution Day, Freedom Week, and many more.

This summer, Loyal is a Barker Foundation Intern Scholar at the Reagan Ranch. He hopes to collaborate with the other interns here at the Reagan Ranch to help prepare resources and tools for students to use to preserve and advance the values of President Reagan.