UPDATE: After hearing of the actions taken by intolerant leftist vandals ahead of his YAF lecture at Trinity University, Dinesh D’Souza gave the following quote to Young America’s Foundation:

“I challenge the people who are defacing the posters to come to the event. This is an opportunity to have a real debate and to show the audience who’s making sense and who’s spouting propaganda.”

by Charles Wendt

Nothing seems to get to a liberal quite like a conservative voicing their opinion. As a student at Trinity University, I had the distinct pleasure of forming a Young Americans for Freedom chapter my freshman year. I formed my chapter with my two of my best friends, Manfred Wendt and Luke Ayers.  As it turns out, my chapter is the first successful conservative organization on campus in over twenty years.

This spring, we have had the distinguished pleasure of inviting Dinesh D’Souza to speak on our campus. The story behind this goes back to the 2016 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). As a bright eyed 18 year old intern with the 2016 Committee, a super PAC supporting Ben Carson for President, I had the opportunity to attend the world’s largest annual gathering of conservatives. At CPAC, I discovered Young Americas Foundation. At YAF’s activism suite at CPAC, I sat down with Patrick Coyle and developed a plan for my chapter. I also satisfied my CPAC induced hunger with chicken fingers and french fries provided by the generous supporters of YAF. In addition to this I ran into Dinesh D’Souza. He was waiting outside of the venue CPAC was held at waiting for his car. I approached Mr. D’Souza and said to him, “Mr. D’Souza, I love your books. I read Letters to A Young Conservative every time I fly.” I then asked him what it would take for him to come speak at Trinity University. D’Souza told me about his campus lecture tour with Young America’s Foundation and told me me to set it up with YAF.

Taking Mr. D’Souza’s advice to heart, I contacted Young America’s Foundation. After returning to campus, I started the journey to bring Dinesh D’Souza to campus.

The administration at Trinity University is unique in the contemporary college landscape. While conservatives are definitely a minority on our campus, the administration has very rarely tried to silence our voices. They strongly believe in freedom of speech and in diversity of opinions. In a crazy college world, the administration of Trinity University one of a few that is fair and just. We often receive support from Trinity’s administration for our conservative events, something many YAF activists whose administrations oppose them don’t get to take advantage of.

The only trouble we’ve run in to with our upcoming D’Souza lecture are a handful of leftists who think they are best able to determine which ideas and thoughts Trinity University students should come into contact with, even defacing and destroying the posters we’ve placed around campus advertising our YAF lecture. In one instance, our YAF chapter posted 600 flyers, one on each door of a dorm. The leftists tore down 228 flyers, defaced them with drawings of cats, women’s private parts and notes about what they think makes America great, and returned them to my apartment. The leftists responsible also turned our American flags upside down. All it took was one instance of conservative activism for the campus left to show their true, intolerant colors for the rest of our school to see.

The leftists can tear down our flyers, they can deface our flags, and they can attempt to intimidate us, but the Young Americans for Freedom at Trinity University will continue to boldly advance freedom. Despite their efforts to suppress conservative voices, Dinesh D’Souza will lecture at Trinity University on March 7th in Laurie Auditorium as part of Young America’s Foundation’s “D’Souza Unchained” Lecture Series. More details are available here.