Che BannerLast night, Penn State University offered a screening of the movie Che.

The Penn State Young Americans for Freedom made sure attendees fully understood who Che really was by distributing the Foundation’s “No More Che Day” fliers and displayed a large banner with one of Che’s more infamous quotes.

Sam Settle, the chairman of PS-YAF, reported on what happened:

“Reaction (as you’d expect) was mixed. Most of the students who were going to the film tried to ignore us, although a few expressed interest. Several indicated that they had never heard much about Che, and wanted to learn more (I recommended that they check out the Foundation, and also that they google the quote from our banner). I can only remember one student actually trying to challenge us, and she left after about 30 seconds. 

I was particularly struck by the fact that very few of the students who talked to us seemed to be aware that Che was a military figure; most seemed to think he was an activist or a philosopher. The Foundation’s poster regarding the Victims of Che was especially effective in rectifying that misconception.”

Che Poster Graphic ShadowEach year Young America’s Foundation helps students mark No More Che Day which occurs on the anniversary that Che was executed in Bolivia. What better day to educate students on Che’s atrocities than the day he received justice?

Check out our No More Che Day event and if you would like to receive our free Victims of Che Guevara poster please contact us and we will be happy to send you numerous copies.

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