College of LawBy Chris Miranda

Leftists-especially in academia-claim to be the most tolerant,
most compassionate, most open members of our society.  Yet,
there’s new evidence that leftists aren’t walking the walk, and
just talking the talk, when it comes to tolerance and

Teresa Wager, an outstanding alumnus at the University of Iowa
law school writing center, was passed up after applying to a
teaching job in 2007.  There were two open
positions available, and one was given to a candidate with no prior
teaching experience.  The second position was left

Teresa had worked as a lawyer for the Family Research Council
and the National Right to Life Committee in Washington D.C., to
defend traditional marriage, end euthanasia, and stop a women’s
so-called right to exterminate her child. 


Teresa is taking her evidence of discrimination by the school to
federal court. Read the rest of the story in Newsmax. 

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