Fail Train at OSUBy Sam Bain, former Young America’s Foundation Intern and Conservative Activist

Conservative college students and activists from all across the state of Ohio rallied against the President and his disastrous economic policies this past Sunday. Obama visited Columbus with First Lady, Michelle “Marie Antoinette” Obama, to tout the failed stimulus and his economic agenda that have resulted in a 9.6% national unemployment rate. Never mind the fact that Ohio alone has lost 400,000 jobs, Barack Obama still stood proudly next to Governor Ted Strickland at the rally. However, the conservative students that showed up in opposition were not impressed. Students from Ohio State, Wright State and the University of Akron joined together for a total of 200 protestors.

Obama Supporter Questioned by PoliceConservatives created a “Fail Train” consisting of boxes with painted statistics showcasing the economic turmoil that has occurred in Ohio under Obama. They then marched around the entrance of the rally blowing train whistles and letting the Obama supporters know that it’s time for “Obama to go!” Even with threats and baseless presumptions of racism made by the Obama supporters, the conservative students held strong. One Obama supporter even formed a gun with his hand and pointed to several students saying, “This is for you.” (He was later questioned by police.)

Even through all of this, nothing deterred the conservatives. With recent polls showing the number of young people supporting Obama dropping 10 percentage points, it is no surprise that students came out to protest in full force. The federal government is intruding in our lives more every day all the while our nation dives deeper into debt. Young people everywhere are concerned about their future, which is why they came to let President Obama know that enough is enough.

2010 is just the start of the plan to restore America to her founding principles. Conservative students in Ohio and all across thisConservative activist with Resist Poster great land know this. Limited government, a strong defense and free market values are what these conservative young people stand for. No longer will America’s youth be silent. The corrupt, unconstitutional, and overreaching arm of the government has finally awakened the sleeping giant.

Americans everywhere, and especially students, know the consequences of continuing down this failed liberal path. They also know the greatness that can be achieved from standing upon conservative principles. The time has come to reaffirm the values that made this country great for this is only the beginning of America rising.

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