By: Illiana Lievanos

A conservative student at Auburn University was doxxed by the university after leftists became outraged over a pro-life display hosted on campus, according to a tip submitted through Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tip Line.

Pro-life activists at Auburn have received life threatening messages on social media platforms like Instagram and Yik Yak following a display hosted by Auburn Young Americans for Freedom and Students for Life. The display was approved by the university.

The display deeply angered the leftist mob who took to campus with their usual tactics of protesting, screaming and yelling. Instead of standing behind and protecting the students involved, Auburn University threw the president of SFL and YAF chairman under the bus by releasing their private emails.

“We encourage you to share your concerns with the student organization that sponsored the display on campus today,” Auburn’s Student Affairs office wrote in an email obtained exclusively by YAF.

“After this (the protests over the display) Yik Yak and Instagram were flooded with talk about me, with all manner of false accusations, insults, and posting about my dorm and classes,” Sam Hass, chairman of YAF at Auburn, told YAF. “Since then I have become somewhat of an outcast in polite society. I am yelled at, I have shaved and wear hoodies and fake glasses to avoid being spotted, and the University called to recommend that I accept emergency housing temporarily,” explained Hass.

Because of the university’s negligence, Hass explained that he has been struggling to go to classes out of fear for his own safety.

Auburn University did not respond to YAF’s questions about who gave the order to release the private emails and what is being done to protect the students involved.

“It’s really sad to see all the hatred and anger, without these people willing to come and have a conversation about these issues. Auburn is a conservative school and the fact that this can happen here shows that nowhere in academia is safe. It’s scary for the future of our country and you don’t realize how real it is until you experience it firsthand,” Hass said.

It is unfortunate and disappointing that Auburn University, a conservative campus,  has fallen into the trap of appeasing the woke mob. Doxxing a conservative student to the campus-wide community and allowing students to harass pro-lifers is unbecoming of a so-called institution of higher learning.