By Haley Blonsky, Secretary of University at Buffalo Young Americans for Freedom

Last week, the University at Buffalo YAF Chapter kicked off an advertising campaign for their speaker event featuring George Harbison.  George Harbison is set to speak at SUNY Buffalo on Monday December 4th for an event titled “The Victims of Socialism.”  This will be the first speaker event since YAF speaker Robert Spencer was shouted down at the university in May 2017 by members of groups that are opposed to YAF’s principles.

This semester has already seen tension between supporters of socialism on UB’s campus and those who support limited government and free markets.  Earlier this fall, members of UB YAF attended the first meeting of the UB chapter of Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA). The group cut their meeting short after a mere 15 minutes because “many felt uncomfortable with the atmosphere in the room,” according to the student-run newspaper The Spectrum.

Late Thursday night after their weekly meeting, UB YAF members set out on campus to post flyers for their upcoming speaker event, covering their campus with hundreds of flyers titled “Feel the Burn: How Socialism Harmed Millions.”

The campus Left did not take well to the eruption of conservative ideas around their campus.  The lawless leftists began tearing down and vandalizing the posters.  Upon returning to campus Friday morning, the members of UB YAF found that not one of the chapters posters remained untouched.

In addition to these typical leftist efforts to shut down free speech, new posters have surfaced on campus calling YAF members “Young Angry Fascists.”  Ironically, the definition of fascism is the forcible suppression of opposition, but the events of the past week have proven that the only group forcibly suppressing opposing ideas is the campus Left.