Oregon State UniversityBy Stephen Smoot

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals had strong
words for Oregon State University and its president Ed Ray.

Suppressing conservative campus papers and destroying their
property violates the Constitution. 

During the winter of 2008-2009, campus officials ordered the
removal of distribution bins and copies of The
, a conservative paper produced by Oregon State
students and sponsored by the campus group OSU Students’

According to the Yamhill Valley News Register,
officials were enforcing an existing, but unwritten, policy
restricting the placement of “off campus” publication bins.

The 9th Circuit agreed with the conservative
group that The Liberty was an on campus
publication.  It also said that it had “little trouble”
finding constitutional problems with the university’s

While its legal fight is not yet over, The
 did score a victory by convincing the usually
liberal 9th Circuit to restore their case after it
had been tossed by a lower court.

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Stephen Smoot is the Director of Academic Programs for the National Journalism Center

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