Stephen Pitts meets with David HorowitzBy Stephan Pitts 

When I started my YAF chapter at Mississippi College (MC) I wasn’t really sure what the steps were to launch an
organization or how people would respond to a
conservative club.  My fears, however, were different
from students that I’ve met from other schools. I did not expect
trouble from a biased administration or backlash from liberal professors. Since my school is a private,
Christian university I was worried that no one would see the need
for an activist organization at a conservative

When I expressed my concerns to YAF, they invited me to attend a conservative activism seminar at the Reagan Ranch in Santa
Barbara, CA and it was there that I came to realize that liberal
indoctrination from professors and the media are not the only
enemies of the Conservative Movement.  Apathy is just as bad, if not worse than liberal indoctrination.  I
think that most young people are apathetic because
somewhere down the line, they have been taught to be.  When I
talk to students at MC, their argument is usually that they’d be
more likely to pay attention to public policy if they saw the direct
relevance to their lives.   I respond and tell
them that is exactly what YAF is all about.  We spread the
conservative message so it resonates with other

The biggest benefit from getting involved with YAF is that it has shown me a bigger
perspective.  When you start to get involved with YAF, you
definitely get the bigger picture and you begin to see why it all
matters…You see why math matters, why science matters, why history
matters, why philosophy matters, why communication skills matter,
and why what YOU believe matters.  After
energizing other students about the conservative
message, I’ve come to realize that once our eyes are opened, we as
young conservatives represent:

  1. The Past – the spirit of our fore fathers and those who have
    made the final sacrifice in defending freedom and the American way
    of life.
  2. The Present – the scholar and young conservative enhancing our
    skills in the science of activism and the art of leadership.
  3. The Future – the future conservative activist and leaders of
    the United States who will guard our sacred values from the radical
    beliefs of socialism, communism, and any other threat that would
    see our freedom stolen from future generations.

The best part about YAF is that they don’t just tell you these
things, they show them to you and then they teach you how to convey them to other people. YAF is not just a student group of
conservatives, it’s an experience–one where I’ve been able
to discover that I make an impact and that every American
makes a difference.  I want my impact to be for the good of
America, because as a Christian, I believe that I was put here for
a reason.  That reason is to follow Christ and to be the salt
and light that he asked me to be.  In order for America to be
that “city on a hill,” we conservatives must stand for what is
right.  It’s our turn to stand up and carry on the torch of

Stephan Pitts is the Chairman of Mississippi College Young Americans for Freedom


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