Young America’s Foundation is thrilled to announce that the Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles will launch a cross-country YAF-organized campus lecture tour in the fall of 2019.

The Logan Family Lecture Series Presents: Michael Knowles—Men Are Not Women, And Other Uncomfortable Facts will proclaim the truth and biological reality that the radical Left is attacking like never before.

Knowles doesn’t mince words, abide by politically-correct speech codes, or concede the high ground to those who say their “truth” trumps the objective truth of chromosomal reality—even when confronted by intolerant leftists wielding chemical-filled super soakers.

Just last week, Knowles was attacked by a protesting student while delivering a YAF lecture at the University of Missouri–Kansas City. Apart from showing the true, intolerant colors of the Left, the reaction to Knowles’ speech on why “men are not women” demonstrates the need for bold conservatives. Without Young America’s Foundation and the Logan Family Lecture Series featuring Michael Knowles, the truth would likely never be heard by students.

“We need to fight back,” Knowles said on Tucker Carlson Tonight last week, remarking that his YAF “college speaking tour just got ten campuses longer.”

“We are not going to let [the Left] bully us, we are not going to let them intimidate us, even if the universities abandon every one of its conservative students,” Knowles pledged.

Tucker Carlson got it right when he commented that Knowles is “taking the Galileo position… arguing for science in the face of a hysterical mob that wants to hurt you for saying it.”

“Stating biological facts—based in science and backed by centuries of accepted practice—should not be a newsworthy or controversial action,” noted Young America’s Foundation Spokesman Spencer Brown. “No matter the opposition or the attacks against him, Michael Knowles continues to fearlessly proclaim the truth in a time where doing so is absurdly considered an act of violence by many on the Left.”

Students who are interested in bringing sanity and truth to their campus through YAF’s Logan Family Lecture Series featuring Michael Knowles should review the below requirements and instructions to submit an application and proposal.

For additional information or to request an interview contact YAF Spokesman Spencer Brown via or 800-872-1776. 

How To Host Michael Knowles At Your School This Fall

Young America’s Foundation is here to make activism easy, whether you are the leader of a Young Americans for Freedom chapter or of another student organization on campus.

We will walk you through the entire process of hosting Michael Knowles (or one of our other 70+ speakers) on your campus, and we will provide your organization with both logistical and financial support to ensure your event is a success.

1. Terms

The following requirements MUST be met in order for your school to be considered for an event:

–Young America’s Foundation can cover a portion of Michael’s fee. However, we do require that we are the sole national sponsor of his campus events.
–The school must allow for the event to be streamed live by Young America’s Foundation and allow for a professional photographer to cover the lecture.
–The event must be free and open to the public.
–All announcements regarding tickets (if needed) and promotional items must be approved by Young America’s Foundation in advance.
–Proposal submitted to Young America’s Foundation.

**If at any time one of these requirements are not met or reneged on by the school, Young America’s Foundation reserves the right to re-evaluate the lecture’s feasibility**

2. Solicit your school for funding

Please submit this initial inquiry form for information on Michael Knowles’ honorarium. Then file a request for funding with your school’s student government and/or student activity committee. Please note that in order to be considered for a fall date, you must submit your proposal as a Word doc or PDF with the information as outlined in step 3 below.

Many schools are happy to underwrite a parade of liberal speakers on campus, so some funding should rightly go towards conservative speakers. You should request the full amount in your school application. However, we are aware that most funding boards will not provide the full amount. Therefore, Young America’s Foundation will work to provide the balance of the funding you may not receive from your school.

We realize some schools require a tentative date from a speaker in order to receive funding and we can work with you if that is needed in order to apply for funding. Note that any tentative date offered is not a guarantee that Michael will accept the invitation. 

3. Submit your proposal to Young America’s Foundation

Once your funding has been allocated, we ask that you submit a proposal to Young America’s Foundation as a Word document or PDF. Please keep in mind that you will be competing with other schools to host Michael Knowles.  

Each proposal should include:
–Information on your club’s past activities and record of success
–Why Michael Knowles should speak at your school
–Suggested dates that will work for your club. Be sure to check your school’s athletic and academic calendar to ensure the dates you select do not conflict with midterms, sporting, or other campus events
–Expected attendance and suggested venue for the event
–The amount you are offering toward Michael Knowles’ honorarium
–How much of the honorarium you are requesting from Young America’s Foundation
–A tentative schedule for the event including the suggested time of the lecture, club dinner, book signing or reception

**All applications must be emailed to Patrick Coyle by 5:00 PM ET on Thursday, August 1, 2019**