Schock with GW-YAF LeadersOn Tuesday, November 1st The George Washington University Young America’s Foundation (GW-YAF) hosted Congressman Aaron Schock to share his inspirational life story and his conservative vision for America with a group of more than seventy students. The core of the Congressman’s message focused on his life story and his experiences in public service. His key message for the audience was that we can get the country back on track through hard work and finding common sense solutions.

The Congressman reflected on his first term in Congress, recounting the passing of his first amendment requiring transparency for Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) funds from the Treasury Department. Congressman Schock stated his success on that amendment was due to his willingness to seek input and from acting in a bi-partisan manor. The Congressman stated that “there is no shortage of ego in government, humility will get you ahead”.

The Congressman discussed the implications of President Obama’s Jobs Bill, how it is another round of failed stimulus, and that it will perpetuate economic stagnation and the government’s addiction to spending. He noted that the conservatives in Congress have passed more than 15 job-creating bills that the Senate will not consider. The Congressman also suggested that entitlement reform must be a top priority.

GW-YAF was honored to bring Congressman Schock to campus to share the conservative message with GW students.

Chris Wassman is the public relations officer for GW-YAF

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