The Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter at Concordia College is working to host New York Times bestselling author and Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro to deliver some much-needed intellectual diversity to campus.

Working through the proper channels, the YAF chapter secured $7,080 from student government in a 13-10 vote on November 30. Even before Ben Shapiro was officially invited by the YAF chapter, just the notion of a forthcoming appearance proved too much for some students to handle. Over the weekend, members of the student government were bombarded by emails and phone calls from intolerant students outraged over the decision to fund part of Ben Shapiro’s honorarium.

Eager to appease the minority of students against Shapiro’s appearance, the tyrants-in-training that lead the student government issued a student-wide email of an emergency senate meeting will be held to listen to the feedback of students and then to vote on a motion to rescind funding, which can be accomplished with a simple majority.

A copy of the email and a portion of the motion to rescind funding has been obtained by Young America’s Foundation.

The vote on whether to rescind funding is tonight at 8:00 p.m.

The Young Americans for Freedom at Concordia released a statement in response to their student government’s bizarre action: “All the YAF chapter at Concordia wants is for SGA to help offset the cost of bringing a conservative speaker to campus. Instead they compromise their integrity and call for a rescinding of the vote due to vocal opposition from students on campus not one week after we received partial funding. Bringing Ben Shapiro to campus would be a sign from Concordia College that they value intellectual and political diversity and that they care about the marginalized and underrepresented conservative voices on campus.”

Concordia’s student government would make third world despots proud for its actions to skirt clear funding guidelines and bow to mob rule.